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martes, 15 de febrero de 2011


I'm about 6 month-old, I want to be loved but am still so shy!  They found me with a large wound on my side which the vet believes to be a dog bite.  I have adapted well with my roommates, and now I have my routine at meal time... 
I need my petting before I start eating.

 CONNIE, PEACHES, AND SOOTY - We are 3 kittens from different mothers.  At 2 and 3-month old, we have no problem getting along with everybody.  It's very tiring being a kitten...  we need lots of resting time between feeding and playing!

We are brother and sister and we think we are the most adorable in the whole world.   We were born on the 24th of July, 2010.  People here take good care of us and we have discovered that the hand that feeds us can also make us purr.  We would love to have a home where we can purr all the time!

 CITY - I was hit by a car and couldn't move from the side of the road until someone picked me up.  The vet said both my hips were broken and had to stay immobilized for a whole month.  I'm fine now and just waiting to be adopted.


We're brother and sister, just about 6-month old.  
We have been tested for leukemia and vaccinated.  
We love to spend our time playing, we just can't stop!

 MICKEY -  I'm just a big boy born on the 30th of May, 2010.  I never fuss about anything, I just have a great character.  I love to be picked up in people's arms and can stay there for a long time!

Pedro tells me about the family he used to have, and doesn't understand why they take so long to come back for him.
At 5 yrs old, he loves the outdoor. 
For me, it's no problem as I don't know any better place...

We are two sisters who were found in very poor conditions, absolute walking skeletons, and my sister Amandine has lost her left eye due to an infection left untreated.  We are so greatful to have food everyday and we're ready now to be adopted.  We're about 2 years old.

 KITTY BRUNO -  I've been shot in the chest but recovering nicely.  I had my leukemia test and will have my vaccinations when I'll finished the antibiotics treatment.  Thanks God there is some nice people in this world because I have a lot of love to give...  just one finger on my body and I start purring for hours.

I'm a young mother of 5, but I've been sterilized now.  Maybe now I'll will be able to have a good life without worries, after all I'm still playful...
I have been checked for leukemia and had my vaccinations.  I'm just missing a family who can love me!

GOLDIE -  I'm the best female ever...  always in a good mood, playful, and loving... an absolute purring machine... I'm about 5-month old and get along with everybody.

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