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jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009


Born on the 9th of March in our own cattery, they now eat solid food and they can be adopted.
They look exactly like their mother named Hope, who has been spayed, and her too needs a home.  She has been tested for leukemia, so we know her kittens are also "clean" since they have never been outdoors.
They look all black, but one has a white belly, another one has the white "bikini", and the last one only a white spot under the chin and on the belly as well.  The 3 of them are soooooo cute! 

We have a new siamese family... 2 chocolate points, 1 lilac point, and... a black siamese!  They were born on the 31st of March.  No need to say much about them as we are pretty sure they are going to be adopted quickly...  Their mother, named Coco, will need a new home as well.  She is a young chocolate point siamese (of small size) and still very timid with people but with time, we can tell she has accepted to have us around.

Encontrada en Santa Pola, a los 5 meses, la madre fué adoptada por una familia de la comunidad donde fuera encontrada.  Sonia se ocupó de ellas hasta que se tuvo que volver a su pais, Francia.  Esta vacunada y super sana, es muy sociable lo que la hace candidata para cualquier hogar y compañia de otras mascotas.

Found in Santa Pola when she was 5 months old.  Her mother has been adopted with a family living in that same community.  Sonia took care of them the whole summer of 2009 until she had to go back to her country, in France.  Charlotte is vaccinated and spayed, she is very social and would be a good candidate for a new home in company of other pets. 

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